Anne Tervo 



I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences, MBA (Master). The focus was in entrepreneurship and business competence. I did my thesis on the innovative leadership culture.


Bachelor of the Business and Administration degree is from Oulu Polytechnic. Geared toward marketing in a process of internationalisation. Thesis is on the acquisition of potential customers.

Media assistant

Audiovisual communications focused on multimedia and network communications. Web Design, screenplay, script writing, photography, image processing and graphics.

Media Communications

I have completed a media training for office workers. Major subjects were multimedia, image processing, web pages and script.

Leadership & Management

Innovative leadership, self-management, teamwork, knowledge management, learning organization, leadership & motivation, economic and labour legistlation.

Design Management

Management of the brand and the concept when creating environment for services. Image-building.

Web Design

WordPress themes
Divi layouts
WebMasters Tools

Web Design since 1997.


Finnish – native speaker, excellent
English – very good
Swedish – good
Finger alphabet – very good


My portfolio is involved with marketing planning, implementation and development. Responsibilities in overall business operations have been covered by the office work; marketing communications; potential customer acquisition & sales; HR and networking.

I have worked in various fields nearly twenty years. I enjoy the expert tasks of strategic marketing communications. I am a storyteller. I am skilled at working on messages to reign common dreams to achieve the goals, especially in Finnish.

Need a Finnish website, operation of Social Media with content production, design and maintenance every month? I will make a package tailored to you. Get in touch!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
BR, Anne.